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Request child support advice via e-mail. It’s easy and inexpensive. Just type in your child support issue/question, send and receive a detailed, written opinion in less than 24 hours from one of our child support experts. Let us help prepare you for your case. Applicable caselaw and forms will be provided with your email consultation. 

Read and accept the agreement below to continue with the email consultation request.


I agree to pay 39.99 to have a licensed attorney review my child support issue. I understand that I will receive a response to my question in a written message e-mailed to me.

I understand that my consultation request will be reviewed only after the full payment in received.

I also understand that all information I provide in connection with my consultation shall be true and accurate.

I also understand that an e-mail consultation does not establish an attorney-client relationship. The attorney reviewing my issue is under no obligation to represent any of the parties mentioned in the consultation.

I accept this agreement

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